Hey, I’m Nicole!

I live in the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah, I am a wife, and am a mother of two wonderful children. After welcoming my first baby in 2014 i suffered from severe diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction. I wasn’t receiving answers or help from my doctors but I knew something was wrong and that I needed help! I ended up finding an online program called MUTU System one day that was for postpartum rehabilitation. To make a long journey and recovery story short- MUTU changed my life.  I found the healing I was so desperate for, it was not easy but with time and the right knowledge I was able to fully heal my core and pelvic floor. 

After finding personal healing a passion was sparked inside of me and I set out to be an advocate and support to my fellow mamas who were struggling with their postpartum bodies and core and pelvic floor. I became a certified personal trainer through NASM, and specialized in prenatal and postnatal fitness through ACE. I then went on to train and become a Pro for the program that healed my body and changed my life, I am so proud to be a certified MuTu Pro™ for MuTu System™.

I created Core Mindful to provide knowledge and resources, support and guidance, and most importantly comfort and hope. Every woman deserves to look and feel her best and to have a body that supports her in both exercise and daily living. I work with women locally in Utah as well as with women all over the world via online. I teach functional movement, correct core and pelvic floor activation, breath work, alignment, and most importantly how to apply these principles to heal core and pelvic floor dysfunctions, and regain confidence in one’s body. 


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