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Posted: January 11, 2018 by Nicole

Sometimes life hands you really neat opportunities. Opportunities that make you sit back, think, and truly appreciate how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. 3 years ago I was a brand new mama, I felt broken in many ways. Physically I was struggling from diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction and emotionally I was feeling all the feels of new motherhood. While I loved my baby so much I felt like I had lost a part of me. I was overwhelmed and I didn’t really know if I would ever feel like me again. In my desperate searches for help from my physical symptoms I came across MUTU System. It described every symptom I had and better yet it said it had a solution for me, I bought it on the spot. I remember sitting on the floor in my basement apartment while my baby napped watching the intro video of Wendy talking and me just crying. Crying because for the first time in months I felt hope…hope that I could heal and find myself again. I kind of get emotional all over just thinking of this experience!

Fast forward to now- I completely healed my core and pelvic floor dysfunctions through MUTU System, I healed emotionally, and I am now a trained PRO for MUTU System. I now get to help and be an advocate for fellow mamas that are struggling just the way I was, this is my passion.

Well, last July I had the opportunity to fly all the way from Utah to England to be involved in the filming of the brand new version of MUTU System! The program I once would watch and cry along with because I knew that it would help me heal- I was going to be IN. I never could have imagined this 3 years ago!



When Wendy talked to us Pro’s about the new version that was going to be starting production and wanting to involve us, I was about 15 weeks pregnant. I knew I wanted to be involved no matter what, luckily for me (and all mutu mamas!!) she was adding in a section specific for MUTU during pregnancy. I calculated how far along I would be when I would be traveling to England and realized I would be almost 35 weeks pregnant and I was super nervous!!! What if I had my baby on the plane? Or in England? Lots of anxieties I felt but after chatting with my doctor and getting his approval I decided to put my nerves aside and just go for it! Oh man am I so glad I did!

Flying when very obviously pregnant is a funny thing- I think I made everyone on the flights super nervous (hah!) but I was also very catered to on such a long flight 😉 I had my compression socks on to avoid clots and swelling (but alas…my feet still swelled so much my shoes didn’t fit) and overall handled the flights well! When I finally made it to the UK I met up with my other Pro friends that would be filming too. I ADORE them. Mina is from New Jersey, Dee is from Tennessee, and Tish was our local Brit who drove us around and helped us navigate the UK. From the airport we had about a 4-5 hour car ride to get to Cornwall where Wendy is from and filming would happen. Let me just say that car ride (and pretty much every car ride in England was pure torture for my pregnant self! I was so so car sick! So I missed all the beautiful scenery (including stonehedge! Boo) on our ride to Cornwall because I had my head out the window (literally) and my eyes closed because I felt like I might die. Also, pregnant probs, I had to go to the bathroom on the drive and Tish said “I’ll just pull over and you can wee on the side of the road! It’s totally normal. And literally a minute after she said that I looked out the window and a dude pulled over right on the side just doing his business right in the open, not a care in the world! Haha. So Tish pulled over and I was attempting to be more lady like and walked up a little side road a bit and found a little spot… not until I was done did I realized I had picked a spot of stinging nettle! Yep.. it was stinging in all the wrong places! Hah!

Tish’s family is perfectly British and her mom lived on the way to Cornwall and invited us to stop for tea time. I love everything about the England countryside and the beautiful villages, cottage homes, and gardens…they all make my heart so happy. Tish’s mom house was all of that! After some visiting and discovering Hobnobs (yum.yum.yum!) we hit the road for the last leg of the journey. We finally arrived to our cottage we would be staying and I love how cottages have their own names, ours was Haven Cottage. I could have moved in there with my little family and lived happily ever after. I was in LOVE with it and with Cornwall in general. Everything is so beautiful and so quiet, and so peaceful. We walked about 2 miles with Wendy that night to a local pub  for some dinner and I was obsessed with the sheep we found along the way and pretty much just everything. I kept asking for my picture to be taken in front of random things, proud tourist right here!




We had 2 days we needed to be on set for filming. We were filming in an old WWII hanger where they had built a custom set for production, how cool is that? It was so funny because there was our little set surrounded by old airplanes, trucks, and random little “scenes”. We had hair and makeup done (very natural and minimal for filming which I loved. MUTU focusing and highlighting our natural beauty) We took turns filming our sections and then hung around set chatting all things MUTU. It was so great to be able to talk with Wendy about all the feedback that was taken in preparation for the new version, the why’s behind the changes, the vision for the future of MUTU, just everything. Wendy and her team have put so much THOUGHT into this new version, everything was done for a specific purpose- to serve MUTU mamas better.

We got to wear amazing clothing from a company called SALT. They were so comfy and fit my bump perfectly. Our “dressing room” was another hanger that had more WWII memorabilia around us, so funny! I had so much fun filming.. I felt awkward a LOT of the time because I had this huge bump and was just generally uncomfortable at 35 weeks pregnant and had so many thoughts running through my head…was I supposed to smile the whole time? Look at the cameras? Stare into space contemplating the meaning of life? Was my form good.. was I highlighting my breath work? But the entire production team was just outstanding, Wendy coached me through everything, and after a few minutes I got into my element and just had a blast. I loved watching the other ladies film as well.. we had some MUTU mamas there filming other parts of the program too. It was wonderful!

It is funny because when filming with a green screen you just have no idea what the final outcome is going to look like and I was BLOWN away when I saw the final production of it all. The quality is phenomenal and it looks like we are in a tropical oasis in Bali. It is cool knowing the behind the scenes of it all and knowing what it was like during filming and then seeing the magic happen in the final videos. Hats off to the amazing production team and Wendy’s vision!




I had heard rave reviews of Cornish icecream and was determined to get me some! They take their icecream seriously…when we were in a town one night I saw an icecream place and said I was going to go grab some and Wendy was adamant I not get it from there because it wasn’t the right cornish icecream.. haha! So I trusted her and patiently waited for a better ice cream place. Another day when our driver was dropping us off at home before we headed to a village he recommended the real deal ice cream place and you bet it was the first thing I went looking for there! It did not disappoint either… it was aaaamazing! I want some hobnobs and cornish ice cream right now!

Every time we went out to eat I ordered hot chocolate. The first night I ordered it everyone laughed because it was the middle of summer but then I laughed because a British summer is like a Utah fall… cool and overcast. So give me all the hot chocolate! But seriously UK weather is my dream, I love mild weather. 

My favorite place we went to was right on the ocean cost. It was windy but so beautiful!!! We took a little foot dip in the sea and had an amazing dinner with everyone, I just felt so happy and uplifted being with so many amazing women.

Our time overlapped with the other group of Pros filming so we got to spend time with them for a little bit. Ashley, Suzanne (my fellow pregnant Pro!), Kristen, Jen, and Krissy. We had dinner together one night and met up for breakfast before we headed back to London. I love these women.. they inspire me. I am so grateful MUTU System brought us together.

We had so many other fun adventures… seeing the filming of the TV show Doc Martin.. driving around and laughing our buns off (in between me feeling like I was going to die of car sickness)..late night talks..spending the evening in London before flying in cute villages.. eating lots of chocolate croissants. So many memories made, truly a once in a lifetime opportunity and so much more I could share!



Now to talk all about the NEW MUTU! If you don’t already know what MUTU system is you can head HERE for more details. But to sum it up MUTU is a comprehensive core and pelvic floor rehabilitation program specifically for mamas! No matter if you just had your baby or its been years. MUTU is for you!

MUTU is broken into 12 modules, they can be done over 12 weeks but you should go at your own pace! There are 4 guided core phases- these phases are specifically for healing and strengthening diastasis recti,core weakness, and pelvic floor dysfunctions. Then there are 4 intensive phases- these phases are low impact workouts to get the heart rate up and give your body a safe but effective interval style workout. Daily walks are suggested and highly encouraged as well, MUTU is all about functional movement!

MUTU food is another aspect of the program. This is not a meal plan or a diet. It is guidelines on how to incorporate real and whole foods into your life. Feeding and fueling your body with nutrition! This is a lifestyle.. a sustainable way to eat for life. Exactly what us mamas need!

This new version now includes specific education and modifications for pregnancy (wave hello to me from your screen in this section!) because yes you can and SHOULD continue doing MUTU during pregnancy! Doing MUTU throughout my second pregnancy was a complete game changer. My core stayed strong and I stayed connected to my core and pelvic floor, and my postpartum healing has been incredible! There is also a medical section with education and modifications for hernias and pelvic organ prolapse and other educational videos such as alignment.

You also get to be a part of an amazing community- CONNECT. A private forum for you to  can as questions, seek advice, share successes, and connect with other mamas going through the same journey. There is just so much to LOVE about MUTU!

But the best part? You get this program for LIFE. Once you purchase it… its yours forever! And this program is one that you should be using for LIFE! Our core and pelvic floor is the foundation of our bodies- we always want to have a strong and functional foundation! MUTU teaches how.

No matter what season of life you are in this program is for YOU! Don’t wait to transform your life! Become connected to your body again, regain that confidence, and trust your body again. You deserve a body that functions and supports you living your life- doing the things you love! I can promise you that Wendy and all of team MUTU pour their hearts into the program and community that is MUTU- you will be loved, supported, and taken care of mama!







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