My Know Your Core + Pelvic Floor workshops are a great way to learn all about how to connect to your core and pelvic floor. In these 3 hour workshops I will teach, demonstrate, and walk you through a different approach to strengthening, toning, and creating a body that supports you and functions right. I educate you on why building the foundation of a strong core and pelvic floor first is so vital and how doing so will help you reach your goals and help you feel connected to your body. 

My workshops are for all women, there is something for everyone to learn and apply to better their lives! If you’ve had a baby (no matter how long ago!) If you pee your pants when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or exercise. If you experience lower back, hip or pelvic pain, or heaviness in your pelvic floor. If you know or think you have diastasis recti (abdominal separation). If you just feel disconnected from your body or are not seeing any results in your core (hello mommy pooch!). Then this workshop is for you!

I strive to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where no questions are off limits and you’ll leave feeling empowered and ready to apply this amazing knowledge to your life! 

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NEXT CACHE VALLEY WORKSHOP:  Saturday February 3, 12-3pm

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